WediaCorp grabs the award
WediaCorp grabs the award

WediaCorp Shines Bright at Bodrum Turkish Film Week – A Triumph Unveiled!

In a dazzling week fueled by the unwavering support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, and Bodrum Municipality, the 11th Bodrum Turkish Film Festival (BOTH) unfolded, leaving cinephiles in awe! From September 29th to October 5th, this event became the cinematic heartbeat of Bodrum, showcasing the boldest films of the season. MORE than just a celebration of movies, BOTH emphasized the unique bond between filmmakers, actors, and the audience, setting the stage for the exciting trailers of upcoming films.

At the CineBodrum Cinema Sector Summit, where industry professionals came together between 29 September and 1 October 2023 within the scope of the week, Wediacorp took its place at the top with panel speeches on “The Effect of Digital on Box Office” and “The Content You Cannot Protect Is Not Yours”.

WediaCorp Shines Bright at Bodrum Turkish Film Week

WediaCorp Shines Bright at Bodrum Turkish Film Week

A Gathering of Titans:

Turkish cinema giants converged in a spectacle that felt like a dream come true! 1). TME Films, 2). CGV Mars, 3). A90 Pictures, 4). Özen Films, 5). Biletiva, 6). Prestige Cinemas, 7). Avşar Cinemas, 8). CinemaPink, and 9). Cinemarine Cinemas orchestrated a monumental meeting that cinephiles had been eagerly anticipating.

Thrilling Talks That Sparked Excitement:

? **”The Impact of Digital on Box Office”** ? – Erman Gülgeç

Ever wondered where the fusion of cinema and digital technology could lead us? Erman Gülgeç explored the enchanting realms shaped by the marriage of cinema and digital wonders. The future of film is already being shaped by the magical touch of digital innovation!

? **”If You Can’t Protect It, It’s Not Yours”** ? – Funda Şen Demir

In the boundless ocean of the internet, content rights are treasures. Funda Şen Demir questioned the ownership of content that eludes digital protection. These discussions flung open the doors to the digital universe.

Awards That Shaped the Night & Narrative:

WediaCorp, A Media Partner that Shined Bright!

During the festival, WediaCorp achieved a significant milestone! As the media partner of the event, our company’s exceptional performance earned us the participation plaque. This prestigious award crowns WediaCorp’s success, reaffirming its leadership in the industry. As we share this moment of pride with our esteemed readers, we emphasize WediaCorp’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This accolade is not just a testament to our company’s triumph but also a reflection of our team’s dedication. At WediaCorp, our pledge to uphold excellence and customer delight remains steadfast. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking achievements!

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