Godzilla Unleashed: A Spectacular Return to Chaos in Postwar Japan Revealed!

Şimdi Vizyonda Sinema

Prepare yourselves for the monstrous mayhem about to hit the big screen! Toho’s much-anticipated Godzilla Minus One trailer has dropped, plunging us into the heart of postwar Japan’s devastation. Directed by the talented Takashi Yamazaki, this film marks Godzilla’s triumphant return to Japanese shores, stirring excitement among fans after a hiatus since 2018. Brace yourselves […]

Devamını Oku
“Güven Bana": A Cinematic Extravaganza That Graced Istanbul's Night Sky

“Güven Bana”: A Cinematic Extravaganza That Graced Istanbul’s Night Sky

Genel Haberler Şimdi Vizyonda Sinema

In the heart of Istanbul, where the Bosphorus whispers tales of timeless beauty, a cinematic masterpiece is set to grace the silver screens. Get ready, film enthusiasts, because on October 13th, 2023, Turkey is in for a treat as the highly anticipated film “Güven Bana” makes its grand debut. With a star-studded cast, including the […]

Devamını Oku

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