Cillian Murphy’s “Small Things Like These” Set to Illuminate the 74th Berlinale
Cillian Murphy’s “Small Things Like These” Set to Illuminate the 74th Berlinale

Cillian Murphy’s “Small Things Like These” Set to Illuminate the 74th Berlinale

The Berlin International Film Festival, a prestigious event in the world of cinema, is poised to commence with an extraordinary opening: “Small Things Like These.” Starring the versatile Cillian Murphy, renowned for his recent portrayal in ‘Oppenheimer,’ this film promises to be a highlight of the festival.

Set in the 1980’s, the film introduces us to Bill Furlong, embodied by Murphy. He is not just a coal merchant but a devoted father, whose life in Ireland takes a dramatic turn upon encountering the dark secrets of the Magdalene laundries. These asylums, run by the Roman Catholic Church for “fallen women,” unveil a chapter of history marked by shock and horror.

Tim Mielants takes the helm as the director, with Enda Walsh weaving the script’s narrative. The film is not just about star power but also about collaborative creativity. The ensemble cast, including Emily Watson, Eileen Walsh, and Michelle Fairley, adds depth and diversity to the story. Eileen Walsh, who left a mark in Peter Mullan’s ‘The Magdalene Sisters,’ joins this powerful line-up.

“Small Things Like These” finds its roots in the book by Claire Keegan, an award-winning Irish writer. Her work, ‘Foster,’ previously adapted into the Oscar-nominated ‘The Quiet Girl,’ indicates the caliber of storytelling we can expect.

Produced by Cillian Murphy and Alan Moloney via Big Things Films, alongside Catherine Magee, the film is backed by Artists Equity and Screen Ireland/Fís Éireann. The international touch comes from Belgium’s Wilder Content as co-producers. The illustrious names of Matt Damon, Drew Vinton, Ben Affleck, Kevin Halloran, and Michael Joe grace the production credits, with FilmNation Entertainment spearheading international sales.

Carlo Chatrian, Berlinale’s Artistic Director, shares his enthusiasm: “Tim Mielants captures the essence of a taciturn man under Ireland’s vast skies.” He emphasizes the film’s fusion of kindness and a stand against injustice, predicting a strong connection with audiences.

This project marks a reunion for Murphy with director Tim Mielants, known from ‘Peaky Blinders.’ With Murphy’s accolades in ‘Oppenheimer’ and a strong presence in the current awards season, expectations are high.

The full lineup for the competition at the 74th Berlinale will be announced on January 22. The festival, running from February 15 to 25, promises a showcase of cinematic excellence, with ‘Small Things Like These’ set to be a jewel in its crown.

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